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Cylinder Volume Formula & Calculator

The volume of a cylinder can be calculated using the following formula: if you know the radius and the height.

Formula Knowing one radius and the height.

If you know the radius and the height of a cylinder, you can calculate its volume using the following formula:

Cylinder Volume

$$V= pi * r^2 * h$$

Radius and Height Values

Volume Result

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$$pi = "constan value"$$
$$r = "radius value"$$
$$h = "height value"$$

Cylinder Definition

It is a geometric figure with a round base and a flat wall, with a solid surface on the edge of its base. Its walls are flat, it can be said that it has two bases since the upper part and the lower part have the same diameter.

Volume Definition

Is the space that occupies an object in space, is delimited by the walls of the object, can be regular or irregular.

Formula Definition

It is a representation of a rule or a general principle using letters. (Algebra, A. Baldor)
When describing formulas in plural, it is also valid to say "formulae".

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