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Perimeter of a Dodecagon Formulas & Calculator

The perimeter of a dodecagon can be calculated using the following formula: if you know the length of a side.

Formula Knowing the Side

If you know the length of one of the sides of the dodecagon, you can calculate its perimeter using the following formula:

Dodecagon Perimeter

$$"perimeter" = S * 12$$

Dodecagon Side

Perimeter Result

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$$12 = "number of sides in a dodecagon"$$
$$S = "side"$$

Dodecagon Definition

A dodecagon is a plane geometric shape or polygon of 12 sides. It also has 12 angles and 12 vertices. The dodecagon can be regular or irregular.

A regular dodecagon has all 12 sides of equal length and equal distance from the center. It looks very symmetrical. All regular dodecagons look the same.

An irregular dodecagon on the other hand can have sides of different shapes and angles. There is a virtually infinite amount of variations for an irregular dodecagon, so that they can all look very different from each other. Despite these differences, they will always have 12 sides.

Perimeter Definition

A perimeter is defined by the outer path of a shape. The shape is always in 2 dimensions. The perimeter is the total length of the exterior path. Another way of looking at this is to think of it as the boundary length of a shape.

In the case of a circle, the perimeter is called a circumference.

Perimeter has a Greek origin, "peri" means "around", and "meter" means "measure". So perimeter means "measure around".

Formula Definition

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