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Similar Terms Algebra Definition and Formulas

Two or more terms are similar when they have the same literal part, that is, they have the same letters affected by the same exponents. (Algebra, A. Baldor)


Similar Terms

Simplifying Similar Terms

Simplify to a single term two or more similar terms, this reduction can be done using operation of addition and subtraction or multiplication and division.


Similar Terms


The coefficients are added or subtracted, placing in front of this addition the sign of the coefficient of bigger value and then the literal part is written.

Algebra Definition

Is the branch of mathematics that studies the quantity considered in the most general way possible
(Algebra, A. Baldor)

Equation Definition

It is an equality which has at least one unknown value that must be cleared, these unknowns values are represented by letters.

Formula Definition

It is a representation of a rule or a general principle using letters. (Algebra, A. Baldor)
When describing formulas in plural, it is also valid to say "formulae". is a database of embeddable formulas, equations and calculators. You are allowed to use our calculators in any project as long as you give attribution.

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