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Area of a Heptagon Formulas & Calculator

The area of a heptagon can be calculated using the following formula: if you know the perimeter and the apothem.

Heptagon Area and Perimeter

Formula Knowing one Side and the Apothem

If you know the length of one side in a heptagon and the apothem, you can calculate its area using the following formula:

Heptagon Area

$$"area" = (p * a)/2 $$

Perimeter and Apothem Length

Area result


$$p = "perimeter value"$$
$$a = "apothem: distance from the center to the closest point in the figure"$$

Heptagon Definition

It is a geometric figure with 7 sides, all the sides have equal length. Also an heptagon has all the same angles. all regular heptagons look the same.

An irregular heptagon can have vitually infinite posibles shapes, Despite this all have 7 sides.

Apothem Definition

The apothem it´s the distance between the center of the geometric figure and the closest point in the figure to the center.

Area Definition

It is the space of the internal surface in a figure, it is limited for the perimeter. Also, the area can be calculated in a plane of two dimensions.

Formula Definition

It is a representation of a rule or a general principle using letters. (Algebra, A. Baldor)
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