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Area of a Equilateral Triangle Formulas & Calculator

It is a geometric figure with 3 points and 3 sides. All the sides are equal. Also an equilateral triangle it has 3 angles. All equilateral triangle have the same side length.

All equilateral triangles have equal sides and also equal angles. Therefore is called equilateral.

The area of a equilateral triangle can be calculated using the following formula: if you know the length of one side.

Formula Knowing one side

If you know the length of one side in a triangle, you can calculate its area using the following formula:

Equilateral Triangle Area

$$"area" = (s^2 * sqrt3) / 4 $$

Sides Length

Area result

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$$s = "length of one side"$$
$$sqrt3 = "constant value"$$
$$4 = "constant value"$$

Area Definition

It is the space of the internal surface in a figure, it is limited for the perimeter. Also, the area can be calculated in a plane of two dimensions.

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